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Mar 18, - 6 Ways Companies Are Secretly Screwing Job Applicants Although if you actually have shit sculptures, that will probably get you . Well, the obvious stuff: drug use, sexual posts, drunken activity, My Little Are you frightened by MS Paint and simply have a funny idea? .. Small towns can be big trouble.

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Charlie will demonstrate her talents. Past studies by the National Science Foundation and the American Management Association have shown that drug testing "has been ineffective in reducing drug use and has no noticeable impact on reducing either absenteeism or productivity.

Town Crazy Applicant - Fuck

So if detection is shaky at best and drug testing doesn't even work as a deterrent, why are companies still doing it? We're sure your average unemployed Joe doesn't hentai platformers taking one for the team when the end result Fucck making a multimillion dollar company look a bit better to Fuck Town - Crazy Applicant investors.

Submitting candidates to a background check is a routine part of many employers' hiring practices.

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In fact, according to one survey"About 93 percent of employers conduct criminal background checks on some applicants, while 73 percent of employers conduct checks on all applicants. So what's the problem?

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Well, a study conducted in by the National Consumer Law Center revealed that Horny Nurse results of said background checks are often strewn with errors. You see, your potential employers aren't conducting that background check themselves -- and you never know who the hell might be providing that service to them.

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Anyone with a computer and access to records can start a business; the total number of companies is unknown. These unregulated background screening companies are businessesCrqzy as Merriam-Webster once said, the entire purpose of a business is creambee hentai make money.

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And if that means cutting corners that occasionally result in some random innocent guy getting pinned with a bioshock porn game rape charge, then by God that's what a business does. We weren't even being facetious there, by the way -- that's exactly Toqn happened to Samuel Jackson no, not that one when he was turned down for a job after a background check Fuck Town - Crazy Applicant that he had been convicted of rape back in When he Aplicant 4 years old.

- Crazy Applicant Fuck Town

In case you needed another reason to worry that those photos you posted on Facebook from your last drunken house party half-nude, duck lips -- you know the ones crimson hentai one day come back to haunt you, here you go: A recent survey showed that 92 percent of employers are checking out your social networking profiles during the recruitment process.

And if you think you're getting around this by not providing links to your profiles, think again, because 73 percent of potential employers will track them down anyway. Making stalking easier every day. What are they looking for, exactly? Well, the obvious stuff: But you might be surprised to find out that the biggest sin of all is apparently spelling and grammar errors -- more employers were turned off by the public butchering of the English language than by references to alcohol.

If Fuck Town - Crazy Applicant world needed another reason to abolish textspeak it didn'tFuck Town - Crazy Applicant you go.

But you can just fix this whole mess by not having social networking FFuck in the first place, right? Nope Fuck Town - Crazy Applicant if nothing comes up for you, that just makes employers think you've got something to hide. Well, privacy settings don't do you much good when employers adult sex mmo have any qualms breeding season alpha build 7.7 requiring applicants to provide their Facebook usernames and passwords.

Luckily for your swear-ridden, booze-addled but locked down timeline, state governments have started stepping in with laws to prevent such practices. Do we really need to Aplicant a law?

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