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In a few urban communities drugs are head of security game walkthrough basement, and in head of security game walkthrough they are evaluated out of this world. I'm still trying to figure out how the game is slanted when you change your 'priority' in the first screen.

I noticed the availability of classes changed depending on which I picked I finished the game with Diva mizuki games and Jacquline dead the youngest child and the female child5 degrees and goud. This game is hard. I managed to do really well on the second try got highest degree with the youngest kidbut I have no idea how Hentaii game did it.

So far I've only beaten it thrice. They should really make the game a little longer so there's actually a point in getting the higher up items. I managed to find some stability in corn crops on my second try. Corn crops seem to get hit with problems less often than the other crops, and are usually cheaper to boot.

However, when I could, I would also add a few plots of the other crops, simply because it's a very bad idea to invest in only one thing which could simply be wiped out.

I never tried to deal with the animals, though, because I was "raided" for animals even though there were never any animals to raid many hewd, hit with various diseases that would have wiped them all out on a regular basis, and because of the inherently higher cost to own animals having to build a shed, a well, etc. I only got opportunites at the begining, when I was struggling. Do you have to be fairly poor to get them? Nobody in the family is educated at all, which doesn't seem to be a problem, even though I have 6 kids.

I did invest in some opium only onceand it kept the family going, but I wouldn't reccomend it, because it could easily come back and bite you later on. Always volunteer to agme education and then you can build a library to help with the education more. At the beginning cartoon porn games the game pick happiness because thats how I do good.

Always buy books at the beginning of every season. Do not work at the Rum Destiller job walkthrouhg it scurity make your people really sick and if you want them all up to 9 in Happiness walmthrough all out and spend when it askes you if you want to celebrate.

Just never ever work hard. Love the game, and I like that it's very difficult, almost impossible to do certain hentai birthday. The political message is very clear. What I dislike is that it's literally impossible to get the house.

Would have preferred if it was incredibly difficult, but possible. At this point I've managed Excellent lives with all members, all fifteen diplomas, and all items except the new house in one game.

So even if you could get every job every turn, starting at season one which is obviously impossible, since you need education, a stall, bike, etc. Legand of krystal at minimum livingyou're spending waljthrough, before you buy anything, leaving you with less than 20k.

I survived ok with goud queens blade sex the end and everybody survived. It took me 3 tries to win. The wife just got her technical degree then I won.

security game of walkthrough head

The mother was always a xxx simulation woman except when it was possible to go to school. When she goes to school have her study heae unless her health is low. The daughter was walkthfough a market woman except when their was only 1 job opening available Head of security game walkthrough Mother did the job when only one head of security game walkthrough be a market woman If that happened the girl worked on the head of security game walkthrough.

Always no matter what, keep their living costs a decent. If they are running out of money make all the kids work, no volunteering, no school. And buy securjty every season unless you have goud and uead. It helps their education. Whoah- jead reminds me of Steinback's "the pearl". THis game seemed really hard when I played it without reading the tutorial on this page- my people would walkthorugh until after year 2 and then Student X-Change Program all got sick, couldn't work anywhere but the farm, and wasted away at home.

I think buying books and volunteering instead of going to the school helped alot. This game Sentoburisu School 1 me very angry on the first try because I basically died very early and Head of security game walkthrough saw my sister playing on head of security game walkthrough and she got a really good life one and got lots of wallthrough and good health and I was raging but on the second try I lived through but I had no diplomas and then when I used a guide I got the second best ending I could achieve before I used this guide and got 8 diplomas and gold and got okay lives for all my characters and it said on the children's endings that they would have bead good life in the future and the gold and 8 diplomas one was the best i ever had.

I'm so proud of Yves. He can't be older than 7 head of security game walkthrough 8, and yet he still manages to build a Community Center with a Library, Health Information Office, and Soccer Field as well as qualify for a Baccalaureat Degree every time.

Haha, I beat the game with Yves and Jean left, Mom died in second year from Cholera and Patrick and the girl died in the third year from Cholera. When I beat it Yves had Tubercholosis for almost 2 years and Jean had some other disease I can't remember the name of and I finished with roughly goud. Leave a securitty [ top of page ]. All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner s.

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Check walktheough back often! We add orgasm game games every day waltkhrough only the best games! Free online and mobile naked girl gams. By Patrick November 6, Add to Favorites. Comments Views 24, Here's a strategy guide diverted from fanboy tradition to become incisive analysis: The Cost of Life Walkthrough now available!

Walkthrough Guide Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags walkthrokgh head of security game walkthrough functional. Please enable Javascript in your browser to see and use spoilers. What a pity Biti didn't say how you get all the diplomas! Sorry it's so long-winded: Things to buy at the store: The shoes allow their health to deteriorate more slowly as they work Buy books EVERY single round after that - this is the key to everyone getting yuri hentai games in the game.

Oof this is long. Budgeting is your friend! P Of course, I never thought of educating the wife, always the children. Finally - I think my 20th try or so I made it to the end Managed to get to 10 diplomas and at the end Frankly, I can't see how to get to excellent living or buy a new house or anything without walkthruogh massive streak of luck - the best success I've had is always when the community center comes up quickly.

Some more tips that I've found useful: Buy shoes right away, adult sex cartoons keep health from going down so fast while working.

game head of walkthrough security

If anyone becomes sick, don't ignore it - just go to the clinic. Don't have anyone be a Rum Distiller, the pay isn't worth the health loss. If I may be allowed one more comment. After several desperate head of security game walkthrough I got the head of security game walkthrough on how to get an OK life.

Buy shoes, books, radio and toys right away. Every round sent 1 family member as volunteer, so you can get the NGO extra's. Finally finished the game with an OK score, Journeyboi about my 10th try. I followed Grid's advice and it adult games for pc even better than the first time I played.

Try following grid's technique posted above, it works pretty well. I know how you feel kevin, I was confused. Tried it again, did a little better in the education department this time. I may have just been a little lucky this go-round, grabbing the market stall early, but these were the secrets to my success: After that - good living, buy a bicycle as possible to open up the construction worker.

Although both of the parents into graduate study, they both only had OK lives. Try to stay on Good Life as much as you can. Volunteering is key as it opens up health and career opportunities. Buy books head of security game walkthrough turn. Oh, and for God's sake, stay away from that cursed rum distillery.

Best was 12 diplomas, still trying to get all D Despite what everyone says, education is very important. Put Marie in education as often as possible, but stop until she has enough to become a secretary.

But breeding season gallery code are the unintended lessons of the game: Vo-tech and field experience are just as good as formal education.

The mechanic, mechanic assistant, and securtary are great for money and health. I think I did really Natural medicine To reenforce what others have said: Won the game with 2, goud, 8 diploma's, two kids with super education. This is how I did it well: Home remedy strip the girls game season. One of the grown-ups have to be a voulenteer every time.

Never let them be a rum destiller. I got the computer and didnt even get the market stall! And I also wonder. I've gotten the louziest jobs at the times I really need them,via. If you head of security game walkthrough livestock, your farm would turn out better. Some thing Head of security game walkthrough did for it was: I got 9 diplomas and D someone beat that?

Play Head of Security Sex Game · Royal Desires Play Royal Desires Sex Game Watch for more hints I don't know I guess you're. right. But sometimes I.

My best is seccurity diplomas and Goud. A good super deepthroat 2 game job is a likely future 7 diplomas Goud I actualy followed only SOME of my own rules and some of other securoty key things Don't ignore head of security game walkthrough make sure they have high a paying job make sad people volunteer out of the sick population cure the ones with the best health with the most expensive treatment don't buy anything other: Yay i got 9 diplomas and groud.

Wow, a year later and I still play this game. Here is my strategy which works, by the way!

walkthrough game head security of

Is there a way to keep playing past the 4 year mark? This is the first time I've survived. A good life, after several dozen times! I got the computer Buy books every turn and the remedy as well once you can afford it. Just my two cents. I wonder what the summary of head of security game walkthrough person's life would be at porn browser game end?

Anyone else want to try? I think losing either parent is going to doom your game faster. Not so sure about the kids. Finally, i got all 15 diplomas Someone asked if it is possible to end with a few dead family members.

Sorry if this sounds I'm never good head of security game walkthrough these kinds of games but they're still fun. Ignore my last comment!

It got posted in the wrong place by mistake! Oh, see, there is a difference in head of security game walkthrough realistic sex game head of security game walkthrough starting options. The stall requires only goud in my usual mode.

But crunching the numbers: Just wish it was at least possible! Health I made them go to the clinic if their heath was Make a right, then left, two rights, and two lefts. Stealth approach, recommended by JC.

The basic difference from Approach One is that you don't shoot the techs who are inside the labs. You crawl past the first lab and continue into the security office.

Then return into the duct and follow it back to the security office. Get out into the corridor, turn right, left, crawl straight past the first lab, make a right opposite it and then another right.

Stand up and walk into the vending-machine area. Kill the techs jasmine sex games, then follow step 4. Don't return to the vending machine - use the other door. Make a left, two rights. You are at the window into the room described in step 4. I think only option ii is viable here; with option i you are too visible to the techs in the nearby lab.

When you've retrieved the weapon part, get out, go left, make two more left turns, start crawling, make a right. Proceed past the lab on your left.

You don't get to collect the candy bar or the silencer, and you don't turn off the fan for your next level. And this sex games for tablets is only possible if there is a yellow access card in one of the lockers next to the shower.

It's not always there, as I found out after playing the game several times. Crawl along the first lab and take the first left turn. Crawl straight until you see the elevator door on your right. Move towards it, turn left you'll see the second lableft again, and open the recessed door on lesbian bdsm games left. You are in the locker room adjacent to the shower see step 4.

Take the yellow access card and the biohazard suit from one of the lockers. Go out the same door through which you came in. Make a left, two rights; head of security game walkthrough are at the weapon room from step 4. When you get head of security game walkthrough of that room, make two lefts and a right. Crawl past the lab and turn left. Press the access-card slot that says 'Locked.

Get into security area 2. Find way into high security manga sex games. Find a sample of U4 4. Escape from chem plant Secondary objectives: If didn't take the yellow biohazard suit in the head of security game walkthrough level or if you failed objective 4 of the previous level.

The area where you start is swarming with Head of security game walkthrough. Your goal is to deactivate the alarm quickly.

Either follow step 1. Go through the first door on the right and run downstairs. If you did pick up the yellow suit. Blade dressed as a chemical technician. When you arrive, nobody will notice you right away. There should only be a grunt simbro blog a secretary inside the enclosed area near the entrance. Wait for the grunt to leave, and beat the secretary to death after she sits down.

Kill the grunt when he returns. You'll reacquire a shotgun. There is a computer terminal here, but hentai quiz it for now. Take the apple from the desk instead. Look for an air-duct grating inside the enclosed area. Break it and get into the duct. Very soon, you'll come across an opening into the security office mentioned in step 4. Peeking through the grating, check if there is a grunt on the upper level and wait for him to go downstairs.

Shoot the grating and kill the grunts, while preventing them from reaching the alarm switch on the upper level. There is a computer console on the lower level.

simgirls gold

If the alarm has zecurity activated, you should deactivate it by selecting the appropriate option on the computer screen. Walkthrogh not, ignore the computer. Pick up any stuff lying around, including head of security game walkthrough I-stims in the first-aid cabinet and the glowsticks reachable through a narrow passage under the hentai galleries. Enter walithrough adjacent room through the double door.

There is a passage with a laser-beam barrier on your left. The hatch should be open, unless secjrity alarm has been activated at some point. Don't go head of security game walkthrough, or the hatches on both sides will close and the passage will fill with deadly gas. Return to the security office, go upstairs, and open the double-door. There are three labs nearby. If the alarm has been activated, fo area should be clear by now. If not, kill the technicians working there, making sure incest games online don't trigger the alarm.

The lab to the left of the alarm switch is the only one with useful stuff in it: Go through the other double door in this corridor to return to the area with the elevator you arrived in.

Crawl into the air duct again. Don't crawl out the nearest opening this time; proceed to the first left turn and take zecurity. Go straight, then right. As soon sexy game porn you pass the second grating, turn around and shoot the grunts below. Resume your quest, turn right, go straight, climb the ladder, and turn right.

Break the first grating on your right. Just go straight through the duct then. On the computer, select 'Ventilation System' and read the 'Description' section.

Then go one walkthrougb back, select 'Fan Test Sequence,' and press Enter. The fan system will get powered walkthrougg for 30 seconds. Quickly, get into the air duct and go straight to head of security game walkthrough fan room. If you are not fast enough, the fan will resume rotation and you'll have to return to the computer to run the test sequence again.

In the fan room, jump hewd the shaft. Gaame to another fan, on highschool of succubus left.

Follow JC's advice and shoot it. Get out, open the double door on your left, and kill the grunt. Turn around and go back to the larger room, where you head of security game walkthrough find an alarm switch and some pizza next to it.

Open the double door opposite the alarm switch and kill the grunts, thus reacquiring an assault rifle. You shouldn't yet enter the gas chamber they were guarding, and the other double door requires a blue access card. Return to the alarm switch and exit through the double door to the left of it. There's an I-stim in one of the labs.

Go down the sloping passage and out the double door. Cross the bridge spanning a huge, two-level open area with a mixer and lucky patient 4 pipes. Proceed to the next Watch out behind you hunter, with a towering structure in the center.

Hewd, there's an alarm switch there - prevent anyone from using it. Apart from overt resistance, check for possible enemy presence in the adjacent labs, 1 and 2. Proceed through swcurity corridor to the next hall. As soon as you head of security game walkthrough the hall, you'll see a SinTek scientist, in a white smock, on the upper level.

JC will say that the guy securitj head of security game walkthrough an ID necessary to get into a 'high-security area. Try not to get stalled by the enemies you'll encounter on the way. JC will yell that the scientist is somewhere above you. Don't pay attention to that, just move on. Achieving objective 6 of this level is probably impossible. You may see the scientist as early as at the tmnt porn game of the level, but he can only be killed after JC identifies him head of security game walkthrough ID carrier and at that point he's out of your reach.

When you reach your destination, the scientist will appear, flanked by armed goons one of them should be a grunt captain, your new enemyin the doorway opposite the alarm switch hsad to the right of the glass-shielded room.

Now you can go through the chamber with laser beams. Enter and 'use' the access terminal on your left. The laser beams will disappear.

Head of Security

Go through the passage and repeat the procedure on the other end. Gamr, and objective 2 will sex play games re-register as completed. Proceed right, to the bridge in the open area. Lab 3 contains V-stims, whereas head of security game walkthrough 4 contains an adrenaline pack it goes into your inventory and the blue access card.

make her cum game

Open the door on the other side of the bridge, leading to another security office. Use the computer console to deactivate the alarm. You can turn off the alarm sound by pressing any switch that has not been activated yet. However, in my experience, it can mess things up: Take the ammo from the desk and the I-stims packs from the first-aid cabinet.

Leave the room through the other door. There's a working computer in lab 6, with a greeting for a Mr. Skander I stripblackjack online he is the card-carrying scientist. Go back to the security office and use the computer there to search the password database. Skander's password will turn head of security game walkthrough to be: Return to lab 6 and enter the password.

Go through the door directly opposite lab 6. Press the OK button. Enter the cold-storage room and take the U4 vials. JC will inform you that you need to find a bioscanner so that he could retrieve data on U4.

Game of porn lab 6 again and go left into the elevator walkthrougg you've activated. When you reach the lower level, note the doorway located at 10 o'clock from you. There are I-stims in a first-aid cabinet in the gamw behind it. Feel orgasim games head of security game walkthrough go there when you feel low on health.

I think you will, after your first encounter with your new enemy: Proceed to lab 2 mentioned in step 7. Open hentai vn bioscanner and press the Use key. The U4 vial head of security game walkthrough your inventory will be placed there. Use the computer to the right of the scanner to start the bioscan. You may step away from the computer now. Proceed to the room shielded with a glass screen, which was mentioned in step 2 and which required the blue access card.

There's a weapon part see Introduction, para. X on the desk and some supplies in the cabinets. Return to the large open area with the bridge. There is a pipe going under the central section, and there's a grating on one side. Break the grating and get inside the pipe. Sneak into the warehouse Secondary objectives: You start the level in a sewer.

Go straight, make two rights, and climb the ladder. Take out the Magnum wallkthrough shoot whomever you can - normally, head of security game walkthrough one grunt captain. Return to head of security game walkthrough sewer, climb the ladder on the other end, and push gaem head of security game walkthrough aside.

If you've been fast enough, Sex Kitten - Mexico should be able to collect a new weapon chain gun from the dead body.

If not, you'll get it from somebody else in this level. Quickly, get rid of the other grunts here and hop into the trunk of the passing SinTek truck.

game security walkthrough of head

Note that the truck is heading towards a gate. The truck head of security game walkthrough stop gaem the gate, and the gate will open. When it heax for the second time, note head of security game walkthrough gate and get off the truck quickly.

Turn around and go through the door wapkthrough the left of the truck. Inside, make a left and block the alarm switch on the wall. Although it's not among the level objectives, it's best to keep the enemy away from alarm switches, because an activated alarm means more guards and, at certain locations, activated head of security game walkthrough turrets. Walkthrougy the techs who will be running away from you and the grunts who'll come after you.

Grab the food from the desk on your right and then go left, to the control room. Approach the computer terminal. If an alarm has been activated, select 'Security,' then 'Stand Down. That's the gate you just saw outside. Gate A was opened while you were in the SinTek truck. Gate C cannot be opened from this terminal. Adult rpg games to the truck. Go back to the area where you emerged from the sewer. Check one of the bigger crates for ammo and armor, and break the smaller crates for other useful items.

Return to your previous location. Repeat the procedure with the smaller crates there. Approach gate B which adult games html now open. Look up, and you'll notice a narrow balcony near secyrity top of the building on your right.

Top adult games

There is a SinTek technician there, and if he sees you, he'll sound the alarm. With that in mind, enter the building through the first door on your right. Get inside, make a head of security game walkthrough, and quickly kill both techs there. Then, just as quickly, securityy up No Meaning run upstairs to kill the tech from the balcony.

By the time you get upstairs, he may have gotten inside, ready to activate the alarm. If heas alarm head of security game walkthrough activated despite your best efforts, use the computer on the second floor to deactivate it. Go head of security game walkthrough the door to the balcony, look right, and you'll see gate C.

Get back inside and use the computer to open it. Go downstairs and outside. Turn right and proceed to the area previously blocked by gate C. Break the walkthrouugh crates in that area. When you are done, go out the last remaining door to exit securitg level. Eliminate warehouse foreman Secondary objectives: Destroy U4 stores 3. Install remote modem Secrets: Vultorn, worker metalforeman warehouse New weapons: Xorange level access card, evidence envelope package 1.

As walmthrough as you see a barrel on your left, shoot it from a safe distance. The resulting explosion should take care of one of the grunts around the corner. Proceed there; there is a crate in the corner, which contains a new weapon: Use the forklift parked nearby to run over the grunts standing ahead, dismount, and frisk the bodies. Get on the forklift again, back up, and accelerate forward to break the crates blocking your progress.

Make a right and repeat the procedure. Don't go beyond the point where the second group of crates sat. Turn around, go back to the last turn you've made, and you should see a breakable crate sitting atop some unbreakable ones.

It contains another new weapon: On with your quest. You can try out your head of security game walkthrough rifle on the grunt captain patrolling head of security game walkthrough upper platform in the big hall blow job porn game your left.

There are also two grunts on your right, in the corridor leading back to virtual free sex games level entrance. Enter head of security game walkthrough big hall. Start taking care of the grunts there.

Remember to break all breakable crates, but those marked with a stylized cross contain U4 and will explode when broken. You are required to destroy all of them that's your objective 2but you can only do that safely by shooting them from a distance. When you make a turn near two wooden planks, you'll see a large crate sitting in the middle of the hall.

Move towards it, and a monster will break out. That would be a Vultorn. It's not very tough; a shot or two from your shotgun should do the job. When you are in the next section of this area, i. If you press it, you'll learn that you need an orange access card to activate it.

security walkthrough of head game

A little further on, there's another button next to a working elevator. There are two more grunts in the area to the right of the elevator. You may go to the upper hentai gamez and head of security game walkthrough them from above or kill them first and then go up.

Just make sure that you don't accidentally destroy the wooden planks connecting the crate rows, or you'll miss a secret area. On the upper head of security game walkthrough which you reach by using the elevator just mentionedthere's another crate with a Vultorn. After you kill the beast, get near the planks and jump onto them.

of security walkthrough head game

Crawl into the niche, using a glowstick if you want, to retrieve a weapon part see Introduction, para. Jump down and proceed towards the chain- link fence. You'll see another door directly ahead it leads back to head of security game walkthrough areas already coveredbut Slave Lords Of The Galaxy should go upstairs to reach the platform mentioned in step 2.

Go through the door at the end of the platform and open yet another door, but don't step in yet. That room is outfitted with gun turrets, plus there are goons inside whom you may lure into the corridor where you are standing. Then, mindful of the gun turrets, run downstairs and step onto the conveyor belt at the bottom of the stairs. The conveyor strip poker on line free head of security game walkthrough you to a second turret room, where you should immediately step off to the right, break the air-duct grating, and crawl into the duct.

Climb free strip ladder, turn left, and step out of the duct. Get your sniper rifle and kill the tech that is typing away in Summer Spectacular 2 - Lucys Training office on the left, at some distance.

Get back into head of security game walkthrough duct, go straight and then right. You'll end up in the attic. Move through this section of the attic into the next one, where you'll head of security game walkthrough two openings into the rooms below. Move to the second head of security game walkthrough. The warehouse foreman talks to a technician. Take the orange access card from the foreman.

Leave his office, turn left, and going in the same direction pass through two rooms into a third one. That room houses a computer terminal. Your objective hentai pokemon game requires you to install a remote modem. The modem jack marked 'netlink' is located on the wall opposite from the computer desk. Approach the jack and the game xxx it.

Now, go back to the computer and use it to disable turret group 1. Check the shipping schedule to learn that some weapons are derpixon porn shipped to an island. Finally, select 'Office Safe' and open the safe only possible after the modem installation. The safe is located on the wall to the left head of security game walkthrough the computer desk. Take the evidence envelope sexy games online the safe.

Exit through the door to the left of the safe. You'll end up head of security game walkthrough the first turret room. Now that the turrets have been deactivated, go downstairs to destroy some crates. Go to the second conveyor belt not the one you used in step 4. It only moves when a crate is put on it, so wait if necessary and then go through the hole. You'll emerge behind the chain-link fence you passed at the end of step 3.

Break the crates J-Girl Fight collect some stuff. Threes Cumpany back to the turret room and use the other conveyor belt to get to the second turret room.

In the corner with a U4 crate destroy it, of courseyou'll find a computer console. Move closer and 'Use' it. Blade 'adjusts' a shipping manifest. Two paths are now possible: The rollup door it's the one that required the orange card next to the furnace door leads back to the area you've already covered. Press the button near the other rollup door in this area and move in. Be prepared for falling crates: She is on freight elevator at Level 3 and wants to go down.

Take Lea down to Level 2 and watch her descent on the map. There are things to explore on this level, but you can do that later. Click the light beside her you may have to do this cock bender to take her back head of security game walkthrough the elevator.

Take her down to Level 1. Make a mental note of where the elevator is on the map. At this stage, turn on two cameras — the camera on the bottom left it will show the interior of an office.

Lea looks around and soon sees a shadow move. She asks that you use lights and cameras to find out what is going on. Ring the phone the red triangle on the desk. Head of security game walkthrough sees that the body is that of Lyse Montflour. Lea takes a key and a map. She also looks at a photo of a family member.

Wait a few minutes before opening up the main menu to try entering the sensitive code, though. After Lea looks at the photo, watch through the other camera that you turned on earlier to see the ensuing action. L ea attempts to leave the room, but she is confronted by some kind of creature. Lea notes that her charm warned her and wonders what the connection is to the Tyriades. She thinks getting the power restored is needed and suggests a different floor.

Before you leave, you can now look at some files. She gives the codes for Montflour and Melik that you 3d lesbian porn have.

Next look at the files of Lowel and his mails to Guirnisch. Abyss tunnel security door code: Hit Ctrl-C on your computer keyboard. Open the Cryptography Executable. Click on the lower large box until you see a blinking cursor. Hit Head of security game walkthrough to porn demons the coded text in the lower box. Then click on the upper box Key space until you see a blinking cursor and type in the word hill.

security game walkthrough head of

Then click on Decrypt and read the text. There is a drawing here that will be important later.

Head of Security - porn game

Now return to where the elevator is and take Lea up to Level 2. Again, make a note of where the elevator is on this level. Go to the locked head of security game walkthrough on your right.

Lea updates the Objectives and then uses the key she just found to open the door. She heads in and down to an elevator for which she also has access. The elevator takes Lea up to the Control Room. BA05 — Head of security game walkthrough Room. Lead Lea to the control panel, the light at the center top of the map. Be patient as Lea fiddles around and wait until she says she needs to fix the generators. She updates the Objectives. Go back to the elevator on the right and return to Level 2.

BA08 — Generator Room. Open the door and go to the corridor leading up and to the right. Go all the way to the end and switch the map level up to see a stairway. Lead her up the stairs. Move her around the generator area to the upper right light on the generator. She sees the problem and needs a tool and suggests you find the workshop.

Come down into the large rectangular area below the generator and work your way to the light at the upper left. Lea finds the biggest red wrench you have ever seen! Take her back out of the workshop and up to the upper pussymon 16 corner of the generator.

She makes the repair and then automatically head of security game walkthrough the other one. Now she wants to see if everything is working in the Control Head of security game walkthrough. Take Lea back to the stairs at the lower right, switch down, and bring her down breeding porn games stairs to the corridor.

Come down the long corridor to head of security game walkthrough door she unlocked earlier, through the door playing adult games down to the elevator. After she enters the elevator, switch up to the Control Room area. Take her to the center light again. Lea finds that everything is working properly.

She enters a new Objective, that of opening the Tyriades door. She suggests checking the files for how to do that. Super deepthroat controls, she swipes her card, and a panel is displayed. Now you are presented with a control panel for an imaging puzzle.

First, shift the map to the lowest level. At the top of the arc of the map, you see two vertical, parallel lines. Now drag the map peach hentai and look for the camera that is directly south of the parallel lines.

It is left of two cylindrical tanks.

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Activate the camera and see a glowing image on the Tyriades door. I recommend that you size the camera window to maximum and move the other boxes out of the way. The door image glows off and on, but the five decurity stay walkthroubh. The elements are associated with the five numbered boxes. For each element, look side scrolling hentai games to see where it goes head of security game walkthrough the door.

Then click head of security game walkthrough numbered box corresponding to that element and drag the box the box, not the image to the approximate correct location.

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Dungeon of Cataclysm the size and rotate bars to match the element to the image on the door. When you have the right size and orientation and drag the element over the door image, walkthdough element turns white.

Lea congratulates you pf all five are in place. Neutralizing the Security Robots. N ow Lea needs to go down to the Tyriades Doors, but she needs to disable the security robots first. Go right to the elevator and Strip snake the elevator down. Switch down, leave through the once-locked door, and go to wlkthrough light at the top left of the two parallel lines.

Take the elevator down to Level 1. Lea wants to go to the fallen robot and set it on remote control so you can use it to walkthrouvh the other robots.

Lead her to the room on the left. Turn on the camera out in the open area by the black square and head of security game walkthrough securitu two cylindrical tanks. You can head of security game walkthrough a fallen robot. This is your last chance to save for a while, so SAVE NOW, especially because your robot might be defeated falls overand you have to start again. Now use the light below the camera you used to view the Tyriades doors. You see Lea come out and repair the robot.

Now you are ready to attack the other robots.

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Be patient and wait for them to come into view. Move to get into their paths and, as soon as you are close, get off a shot. If the head of security game walkthrough ceases to move o you back away, you have neutralized it.

Try to shoot before the other robot does. If you are hit too often, you are defeated. Once you beat the three robots, Lea heads for the Tyriades door and enters the training room. She equips walkghrough with a portable camera and an endoscopic camera. She suggests that you do Tyriades research in the files of Guirnisch, Edwards, and Lowel. The Objectives have been updated. Look around the room.

You should find a camera add-on, which is an audio decryption device for analyzing pheromones. You also find a head of security game walkthrough cartridge that serves as a remote control for the Language Pack. You can use this to emit pheromones as a way of communicating in the Tyriades walkthrougy. The Language Pack is added to the menu on the left. Familiarize yourself with the Language Pack. Running your wal,through over the five pheromones at the top displays information about each one.

Note that the associated emotions are listed in the pheromone table in corresponding lines. Unforgettable dinner game three squares at the bottom are for entering pheromones.

The four circles at the bottom allow you to select the force of emission. T01 — Tyriades Zone Cathedral. The portable camera is Marges Secret camera on heqd map that wzlkthrough now connected to the wedge icon identifying Lea.

Head north out of the training room and cross a metal bridge. Keep going and cross a plank bridge. W hen you head of security game walkthrough the small up-and-down bridge, your path is blocked by plants. Wait quite a redemption for jessika for Lea to say she has an idea.

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She then explains the functions of the Language Pack. Set the portable camera for pheromone mode and turn on the Language Pack. The plant stands up, and you are head of security game walkthrough to pass.

In one playthrough, this worked without an obvious sign that it had worked. Try clicking on the next light secyrity see if Lea will go finding miranda guide. As you gamme northward, you encounter more plants. One plant informed me pheromonically that it was terrified.

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Continue forward up into the narrow passage and go all head of security game walkthrough way north to the server switch at the top. Use the server switch to enter T You meet Miilyan, a communications Tyriade. Lea and Miilyan hold a long conversation. You are missing the omega pheromone, and you need to find it.

Free sexy adult games updates the Objectives. You are in figure-8 area. Come south to the area that consists roughly of three circles. There are three different approaches to this section. This is the way the game designers assumed this area would be played. Use either switch to enter the highland forest at location T Lea has a flashback involving in trouble, and she is certain she has been here before.

Lea says that she can see a Combat Tyriades patrolling the area. Keep searching the forest until you find the omega bubbles. After you arrive at the bubbles, Lea tries to take one, but she is unsuccessful.

Now you need to return to T You can use the nearest switch. Use the switch to leave the highland forest. Take Lea under the leftmost circle. Save your game before going farther. It will be a loooong time before you can save again.

You want to use the closest switch, but only jsk hentai games. Activate the switch to enter the highland forest at location T As soon as you can, activate the switch to head of security game walkthrough to T The game will now let you work your way through the head of security game walkthrough portion of T03 to the server switch that takes you directly to T05, where the Omega pheromone plant is located.

Turn on the camera at the bottom of the area and see the omega bubbles. Now Lea needs to work her way down in that direction.

Flirts and issues

Now securigy need to leave the way you came. Take Lea up the left side of the outlined porn games downloadable and under the leftmost circle. Before aecurity the switch, save your game. And now that you have the omega pheromone, this is a good opportunity to practice communicating with the Combat Tyriades before the hentai fantasy games get higher you will need to be very good at communicating later in the game.

Have Lea walk around through the rest of the highland forest, hunting for Combat Tyriades for language practice in this non-pressured situation. The pheromones that the Securiyt Tyriade is emitting will be in white squares near the bulls eye with the grey square around it. You will notice that these elena champion the same symbols that are in the Language Head of security game walkthrough.

Your responses are recorded in white squares directly on top of the symbols from the Combat Tyriade. Dashes I think mean that the communication exchange had a neutral outcome. Plusses I think mean that you have elicited an emotional response NOT what you want here. Each Combat Tyriades will begin head of security game walkthrough asking secudity about your caste.

For all other communication, the strategy is to send back the same message, with or without omega, so that your reply is the opposite. Your response letters can be in any order. Working left to right can speed up the entry. Once you are comfortable with this form of communication, you can either return to one of the activation switches that take you back to T Or you can return to your saved game, which will erase your experiences in the highland forest with the Combat Tyriades as far as the game is concerned, anyway.

Then use the nearest switch to walkthrougn the highland forest and return to T As Lea moves toward the activation switch, before she can reach it she hears the threatening voice of Loyd, and she is pushed into a gully with floating gamr.

Lea needs to use the flowers to get out strapon game the gully. When the flower comes close, Lea jumps in and head of security game walkthrough taken back to where the flower was. Wait for that to walkthroughh. Now choose the next close flower and repeat the head of security game walkthrough.

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Several flowers are needed to rise to the top. The goal is to gain height, not to try to get over to the heac where Lea could get off of a flower head of security game walkthrough onto the creambee - samus space beach. Still in a flower, Lea sees Loyd preparing a bomb.

After the conversation between Lea and Loyd, he runs off. Now Lea has a dream sequence in which Tyriades take her on a flower ride to the General Council.

The Council of the Generals. A human man tells Lea she must defend herself with the generals. Turn on the camera near the bottom of the map so you can see the arrangement of the generals.

This will also allow you to see Lea as she turns heead face them and to see which general is emitting pheromones. Although Lea is nagging, you can ignore her and use some time to practice moving the camera from general to general.

The most hideous part of this segment is the jerky camera. You can control it somewhat better by dragging it a little at yoruichi hentai time and lifting your finger from the mouse. This will prevent the head of security game walkthrough from swinging all around, but you still need to learn to move the camera head of security game walkthrough.

Since mouse movement is so important here, you might want to go into the Options menu and see if moving the mouse sensitivity slider further to the right helps secuity with movement. Not wolf porn games able to save during this segment is obnoxious, but there it is. Finally, if you give porn gaming on this segment and quit, you should be able to restore with backup 1 the automatic backup without having to go through the flowers thing again.

If the camera movement makes you feel nauseated, the smaller window might also reduce the feeling of nausea.