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Poker with Ella 2. Adds to City of Love for sure. Great graphics and background music, as expected of LOP. I hope that they can make games like this for most Kim the cheating wife premium games to add incentive and continue the story after subscribing.

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The game is chwating. The clicking through the scenes feels a little choppy, made it a bit awkward. This is the best game I have ever played Kim the cheating wife the graphics and stuff are insanern.

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It was hot, fun, and the interactive scenes were easy enough on my kim the cheating wife not to take too long and subtract from the enjoyment. And though I do like their longer games, quick ones like these that still pack a steamy, good kom with the fun gameplay and awesome visuals are just as inspector j. Think of the sexiest answer, and that is the right one.

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The scenes are steamy! Amazingly sexy girl, very nice graphics, well worked out story.

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THe only let down about this game kim the cheating wife that there is no sequal yet. Cant get past the red arrow circling her pussy, nothing has any effect, now a task so not fun.

OMG i love so much dating sim, absolutly the best games!!

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The small mentioning of a girl named Tracy and boom, everyone is so fixated on that and not the game itself! And personally I like it that way and think it mades kind of sense. We only see the events crimson hentai the game from the point of view of Justin btw, a game fron the pow of Tracy would be awesome! kim the cheating wife

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What if she finds Richard and is teased by him? Or sneaks upon Richard and Antoinette having sex and has a voyeur moment? The visuals were pretty good.

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The game really made me want to fire up city of love, which was interesting. Using free games to expand on characters from LOP gold exclusives has a real potential for furthering the lore and gardevoir porn game probably inspire some kim the cheating wife to play the classics. I really enjoy the fantasy of playing out interesting situations in diverse settings.

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What can I say? Yeah i know fifth means amandmen? Taking a better look on the full game, her tits actually looks nice in many of the pictures, different of the samples posted around here before.

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Those nipples are also the best of LOP series so far, so sexy. And she looks way more beautiful in this game.

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And nothing to more. You guys should make long version.


And Extra scenes and extra girls with it. Maybe you can mix it with TracyVeronica.

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Like Wifes with infideltiy? Someone could tell me if the girl who has called Tracy in the conversation between the two characters is the Tracy from LWT please.

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Somethings gotta change though. I even read it, and it's good material I don't need it to be Elenor, I just need substance, and maybe branch out from interactive sex chat standard cheating or whoring around fetish.

Try a new program, look into including optional minigames, combat system maybe Yevaud6Apr 13, Apr 13, I guess this is a female MC game, kim the cheating wife, pls.

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DictateurApr 13, It changes POV after intro. RalienApr 13, But it's dungeon frank one scene??? Claudio83Apr 13, I'm glad to see they finally dropping behind their boring stats-builders games and go into the choose your own adventure chrating.