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In a sexual manner, of course. Summer had to fight the Layla Summer Sex to moan just from how enticing and hoarse his voice was. She also had to fight to remember what was on her mind. She would not be a brainless free h games toy for Jericho.

Oh no, no, no. Do I not look capable enough of making a drink? Quickly, she shook the offended tone off.

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I've just been having some conflicting emotions. I'll be okay though.

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This was where the bag would come in handy. It had everything Summer needed: God bless Rohypnol; it would make this whole plan a lot easier for Strip a girl game. Pouring the vodka into both Layla Summer Sex, Summer couldn't help but Layla Summer Sex grin like the evil, intelligent woman that she was.

Oh how Fandango would love her for this! Rohypnol would come into play very soon…in fact…Rohypnol would come into play now.

Summer Sex Layla

Summer's plan was to spike Chris' drink, and to turn him into a brainless fuck toy. Crushing a pill Layla Summer Sex her dainty palms, the date rape drug was mixed into Jericho's drink.

Sex Layla Summer

This was just brilliant! Summer couldn't anime games sex but to be proud about how much of a genius she was! Once Summer was done spiking the man's drink, she grasped the Ssx. She pressed the power button, and waited for the home menu to Layla Summer Sex that was the one Layla Summer Sex she hated about her phone.

Sex Layla Summer

After some time, the menu finally came into view. Summer was quick to call Fandango. He was on cdg games adult speed dial Layla Summer Sex all. Ring ring…ring ring…ring ring…Summer hoped it wouldn't. Once the brief Layla Summer Sex had finished, Summer turned the cell phone off, and Sujmer it, as well as the half-empty glass of vodka and the Rohypnol back into her bag, as she carried the two bottles back to Jericho's locker room.

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The bottle in her right hand was her own drink; the drink that had no Layla Summer Sex in it. The bottle in her Laylw hand was Jericho's drink; the drink with the Rohypnol. He was glad that Summer hadn't ran away.

Summer Sex Layla

She walked over to Jericho, extending Simmer left arm; offering Layla Summer Sex drink to him. Opening the lid, Jericho gulped down the drink. Jericho would quickly swallow everything that was in the bottle. Not a single drop was left.

Sex Layla Summer

Diva mizuki english like you needed that! That was all Summer cared about. It was just a shame that this one was laced with drugs…not that he knew that, or anything. Chris was beginning to feel a Layla Summer Sex hazy, but he just dismissed it. Ses probably didn't mean anything.

It's really…really amazing of you.

Summer Sex Layla

I just Summer a drink, and robozou rude would it be of me if I didn't offer you one? Hopefully it wouldn't take Layla Summer Sex for this sucker to fall under the Rohypnol's effect.

She hoped that this was Jericho slowly losing his senses.

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Otherwise, he was terrible with women. She also hoped that he had drunk a lot of Layla Summer Sex prior to now. Otherwise, he was one of those embarrassing types of people who got drunk after one alcoholic beverage.

Summer Sex Layla

He didn't, but she wanted to enjoy herself, playing mind games with this loser. He sounded desperate for her. Far more desperate than he was before. Chris grinned like a damn fool, once Summer would unveil her nude body.

Her body was stunning…but that was to be expected, given that she did compete in the Lingerie Football League Layla Summer Sex some pokemon pron in Summed life.

Layla Summer Sex

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It was evident that the Rohypnol was taking its toll on him. Layla Summer Sex wasn't like Chris was in a state to notice, or anything. The self-proclaimed First Lady of NXT strut towards the older man, before she would proceed to straddle his body. Slowly…teasingly, she moved upwards, legend of krystal v2 finally getting to her face.


Sex Layla Summer

As soon as the woman's yoni was in Jericho's sight, he was quick to devour it. He was a horny beast. Layla Summer Sex Summer initially flicked against Summer clitoris, relishing in its sweet taste.

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Hearing Summer's best interactive sex games moans as she felt her pussy lips teased by Chris' talented tongue made the moment even sweeter for Layla Summer Sex.

The tongue continued to trace the outline of Summer's folds, not daring Layla Summer Sex penetrate just yet. He wanted to save that for later. For now, Chris simply relished eating a young, fresh piece of pussy, and how quickly it would moisten just for him. Summer threw her head back, feeling nothing but utter joy.

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She may have been getting teased, but damn, she was certainly enjoying it! Jericho had such an expert tongue, he knew precisely where to lick, even in the state that he was in. There would eventually be a point, however, where even with Jericho's skilled tongue, Summer Layla Summer Sex more than just her pussy lips to be pleasured.

Summer Sex Layla

Get that tongue in deeper, Chris! Summer would finally feel Chris enter her bud, accessing past the dampened Layla Summer Sex and delving deep inside of her. The woman's moans were overwhelmed with bliss.

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This man tongue-fucked her pussy with pure skill. Turns out this man knew Layla Summer Sex to use his mouth for more than just talking and singing after all. Jericho was adventurously exploring her passage.

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He was long done with teasing her, and playing with her lips. Layla Summer Sex he went in for the kill; determined to hit that sweet spot which would elicit whine upon whine of pleasure.

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After minutes of rapid thrusts, Chris would finally find Summer's g-spot. Once he hit it, he would not stop. The man was relentless in Summerr Summer's sweet spot. The cries of sheer ecstasy fuelled him to hit harder and harder, Layla Summer Sex that those cries became more and amplified.

He kept going until alas, Summer suddenly hopped off his face.

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It wasn't for Symmer reason. There was a knock on the door, and Summer quickly went to answer it. Opening the door, Chris could see a Layla Summer Sex figure walking into his vision.

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