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Game - Meet and Fuck: Magic Book. Sherman Dooffy is high school's nerd number one. He is really smart, but other guys don't really like him. Today in the.

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Wish we could actually control what spells could be cast on the antagonist in the end. Like a mix of female and male spells. Yeah fucj one is very funny. Not Bad for meet n fuck magic book cartoon game, Could be a little longer after the book is closed I think. I love these kind of combination games. The Ending is great too.

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Great fun and nice grafic This is a very unique concept its funny and makes you laugh! I could try all night and never find all of them!

Meet and Fuck - Magic Book 3

Great Game I have found all the spells and i love them all But twins has to be the best. Thr girls are really pretty and the gameplay is quite easy.

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But maybe it would be better if some more actions were possible. If action scenes had cumshots then it would be just about perfect! I love the combos both for her and for himespecially the interactive ones!

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Really nice game, great quality, unfortunately a bit short, but really nice aniway. I love the gameplay and the animations in this game, should be better if each spell had an animation. I liked the ainimation a whole lot and it is fun for both male and online flash sex games play.

I really enjoyed the spells and all the results that came of it. meet n fuck magic book

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I liked how the bully got what he deserved. Or is that just my computer? Fun to play but static.

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Need more variety for the gameplay and a bigger animation of the characters. There are many sexy transformations but I wish there could have been more sex scenes.

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I believe there are more of these out there. Could someone Point a few out?

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Some of the transformations were really funny. Not much in the sex department, but still a fun game.

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Definitely a cute game, but a little repetitive! It made me giggle in some parts, though, which is nice. Very nice game, puzzles are good challenge, more of this and a bit longer please: Absolutely loved this game, fantastic graphis.

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Hot girls, the lot! Just what I was looking for, satisfied my every need!

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I liked the image and the different options. Also the actions were great. Lmao Jeff at the end of the game.

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Took forever to find all 42 combos, but it seems you have the option to close the book after only finding Meet n fuck magic book enough, all the different changes make it worth a play around but nothing to repeat. I wished that every transformation in the game had the Action Button.

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Definitely one of my favorite meet and fuck games, I love how cute it was too. Easily one of the best games from Meet and Fuck but i have a few meet n fuck magic book. Mostly being it diffrent from teh others which was nice but there was no dificulty or skill involved.

Nice art, and story despite the short length of it.

Meet and Fick Magic Book 2 |

A little too simple but hey thats nice sometimes. There is a clue for finding the combos. After the intro choose male or female spells. Fun game some of the spells though were kind of weird but the graphics were good.

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I loved the Game just wish there was an action scene for each Transformation and a Choice in what to turn the bully in to. Very nice and funny game with very hot girl!!! Must be my favorite game in the meet and fuck series.

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Should have had more scenes though. Great Job non the less.

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Great game with lots to do and the fact that you could make combos is what made it fun chick didnt look bad either. This game was lots of fun.

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I used a round robin strategy to find all the Knarfs Quest, but it was still fun just looking at all the combinations they made. Other than that, a good job. Hunk Resident evil I want that book and try on her.

Meet and Fuck Magic Book

The hottest one are the twins and big boobed. I would pay all my money for it to get Kimberly.

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That was soooo funny! My parents just bumps in.

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It's not that I am underage it's just my parents are too religious. If they see me playing these they will get a heart attack.

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Dirty Smita I came like thrice. Or that with all of the noise that they were making no one came to see what was going on? I am sexy and I now it GUYS check my profile.

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Very hot and sexy. This is prolly my favorite one. Anxiety treatment Emet are categorically tips participating in at this juncture to I choice benefit.

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My site is Anxiety disorder. I wish i had that book!!!!!!!!! The Pervert Big Boy I'm Waiting for that.!!

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