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Jun 6, - Coach Krupt is a sadistic gym teacher at Springfield Elementary School who is obsessed with the game Bombardment. 1 Description; 2 Biography; 3 Non-canon who was taking a leave of absence to undergo sex reassignment surgery. Coach Krupt's surname is derived from the word "corrupt".

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Poke-con Con-Quest Part 1. Bad Cop Good Cop.

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Rogue Courier - Alpha Version. He showed an uncharacteristic level of dedication to his police work when trying to find the shooter who gunned down Mr. In the episode Chief of Heartshe is seen to have a brief Kruupt with Homer.

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Ofcicer from his late father, Clancy is the husband of Sarah West sluts whom he met when arresting her for possession of drugs that he planted on her to "make her notice him" and the father of Ralph Wigguma second grader at Springfield Elementary.

He has an unseen cousin named Mark who went to Pennsylvania State University; Wiggum describes him as a "fat kid who played a lot of Tetris.

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Besides Iggy Wiggumhis deceased relatives include brother-in-law Fred Kanneke and an uncle who, according to Wiggum, died of "crotch dot. In "The Devil and Homer Simpson", Chief Wiggum has a brief appearance in the ending where he and the gay sex games members of the Springfield Police Department are waiting outside the Simpsons' house, obviously in anticipation of tearing chunks of Homer's donut-ified head for their morning coffee a consequence of his narrowly escaping the Devil's snares.

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When Willie ominously threatened them for leaving him to die, Wiggum jokingly asked if he was going to use "skeleton power" against their children in reference to Willie's now-skeletal-like, charred corpse. In Treehouse of Horror XVhe acted as the yard inspector in London trying to erotic date sim the case of the Muttonchop Murderer that was killing several rKupt.

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He eventually arrests Homer for the deed, although he was ultimately exposed by Bart and Lisa as being the true Muttonchop Murderer, and attempts to make his escape via hot air balloon, although his escape was foiled by Kang and Kodos. It is later revealed to be a dream by his son that was caused by his ingesting of opium which he revealed to Wiggum, who revealed that it's still a dream.

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He identified it as hellfire, and stated that sexy girlfriend games sold their soul to the Devil and that he was expecting his due. However, upon the ring of a cuckoo clock, he ended up turned into a skeleton presumably by the Devil and collapsed to dust, although not before warning the family that the Devil feeds on "more than just fear.

It is shown in Professor Frink 's future machine that Wiggum will, coorrupt with Lou and Eddie, become a Robo-Cop-like machine-officer with a rotisserie in his stomach.

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In Flanders' LadderWiggum dies at age 62 when he chockes on Homer's sub. Wiggum appears several times in The Simpsons: Hit and Run video game.

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The first time is during Level 2, where he attempts to arrest Bart for buying illegal fireworks, intending to place him under five life sentences of community service, although he later seems to forget this as he tells Bart that Herman's Military Antiques was robbed of a radio recently, and suggests that the skid marks from tires would probably lead to the culprit. It is implied in the former mission that pregnant sex games uses his son Ralph in cah operations, at least in regards to the sale of illegal fireworks.

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He later appears in Level 3 when he is trying to bust Snake Jailbird under the Three Strikes Law, but hasn't gotten any evidence yet due to his being a "very, very bad cop" in his own words.

Lisa manages to help him collect evidence to put Snake away in exchange for information in regards to her brother's whereabouts.

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