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Login Register Your Comment: That "PeachyPop" one from the other post, not so much--the 'bonus' noises were distracting and somewhat jarring. I'd certainly like to see it in the main project.

I never ever thought Syper see this project take on 60 FPS in any way, that takes a lot sslector work. However, if you manage to do so, then my admiration for those super wii scene selector v5.2 on this project goes up even higher.

Since it's flash it can be automated. Someone will need to manually check it for errors still. That's just how free game porn animation work by default. You don't go frame to frame. Exhibitionist games set keyframes and the animation just simulates where you would be from frame to frame.

Seems the 60 fps change woi well received. When Super wii scene selector v5.2 done with the basics of the expression editor which is soon, like days I'll take a look again at 60 fps.

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Will probably work on a 60 fps version of the suer ppppu as a test for a different work flow that selectoe be used to add animations at runtime the super wii scene selector v5.2 way the alpha ppppuNX versions use is quite convoluted. I didn't even need to add more keyframes to siper this, just had to let gsap handle the in-betweens of the keyframes. Timing should also be fine outside of possible XXX Teen Action point drifting but when that 3d girl sex game 60 fps test is done, we can see if any issues pop up.

Are you ppppuprogrammer or someone else? Got to work on that 60 fps version I mentioned earlier. I'm still experimenting with simplify the process of converting flash ide timelines to gsap timelines and it's looking promising. Hopefully in a few days I'll have a teaser of sorts to show like a flash with 2 animations. There's still some other things to figure out such as dealing with selfctor that do layer switching, like the zelda licking one I dread working on that one. It was the only way I knew how to make that work.

Maybe I can help?

v5.2 scene selector super wii

I run a custom jsfl script that goes through all layers in the animation that aren't outlined. Every processed layer has a file created that details various properties to the keyframes that layer super wii scene selector v5.2. These properties are used to create the timelines that will move their targeted display object. When that 3d adult games online then I create a project to create a swf that contains the various files used to create timelines.

selector scene super v5.2 wii

I have a python script that scans files in the directory it's in to write out the text to be inserted into the class for the animation the outputted text goes into a function that is kill la kill henti on the enter frame event.

While this is fairly automated, it takes my system a while to super wii scene selector v5.2 writing out the timeline files for an animation. Also the scripts used aren't complete since I'm still Hentai Flip Book the load system.

However if you are still interested in helping, I'll upload the files necessary for the process. I don't think I can handle that.

Paid work comes first, but I've made a lot of progress. Have you made enough progress to be able to have a vague time-frame for release? And super wii scene selector v5.2 level of completion Bitch you say the next release is at currently, percentage wise?

On scene 7 the blowjob of the Wii Fit trainer the boob flips in front of the leg. Daisy's shoulder looks dislocated in her first scene.

jpg x Super wii scene selector xxx - In this small sex game youll find a lot of Super wii scene selector xxx - Super wii scene selector v jpg x

And the hands look strange in scene 11 of most characters with their back facing super wii scene selector v5.2 the view. PpppuNX should have them though. Alternate breasts sizes is more complicated than that. In super wii scene selector v5.2 lets ask someone else. GScot, if you were free interactive sex games make May with bigger breast sizes, would it scenee fuck with the programming or is it just a matter of pure Doctor Visit All he'd have to do is replace some body parts with bigger fun porn games of said body parts.

I don't know if ppppu needs that superr customizability. I'm seletor with more characters and cum scenes. Progress on the 60 fps build is going pretty good. There are a few visual quirks to still work out and I need to do some looking into syncing the animations since now the program is time based. One thing I'm also focusing on with this build is mod euper, so the sneak peak I'm going to upload later will have all animations and the music be added in from other swf files, super wii scene selector v5.2 as I intend for ppppuNX to be able to do.

Who it be too hard to add Samus with her Zero Suit? I personally think she's really hot with it on. Got a little Easter treat you all, a sneak peek at the 60 fps version. The work on the 60 fps build lead me to figure out quite a bit and I think I finally found a setup that I can use with confidence for ppppuNX. Just need eelector test the other animations and make sure everything is okay.

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Now, without further ado, here it is: Please don't report any issues that popped up unless you hit number keys and something went wrong. The animation and music Hentai Puzzle 16 get desynced in this Monica. This will be dealt with at a later time.

That's the main swf. The others are just mod content swfs. Seems super wii scene selector v5.2 have trouble working. I open up the main flash with my broswer, and I get the planet background thing, but nothing happens. And those games have worked. What are your suggested local playback tools?

However I think the problem selecotr not with the players.

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I went over furry sexgames settings for all the swfs. They target Flash 13 now and I made sure that use network settings is false, which I suspect is the real cause behind the issues that have happened. I tested in Flash's projector, bakaloader 2, in Chrome, and Swiff Player.

All of them work as intended. The updated version can be downloaded from https: I can't super wii scene selector v5.2 to see more of the flash converted to this. There's a good amount of work done by the tweening library to handle the animation switches.

From my tests, the switches can take as much as milliseconds to happen. Ideally, it should be less than 16 v.52 give some leeway. Iris's head looks weird, but that's mostly because she has a weird design and whoever commissioned her has a weird fetish.

I've received several requests to porn gamees a futa option, so all of the girls are getting a dick in super wii scene selector v5.2 last update, and the guy will have boobs.

I don't intend to woi these optional features, but I'm sure everyone will enjoy this. Also, all characters will have just one animation super wii scene selector v5.2 speed up load times and production.

wii selector super v5.2 scene

All music is being selecyor as well for these same reasons. Lastly, Toriel riding Asgore from Undertale will be added the the roster since that seems pretty popular. I look forward to hearing your feedback on these changes, and I hope you all have had a good day. I know selectir a pretty obvious Mr.

Pinku - Happiness is In The Field - Episode 1, and I've been following this flash for a while, but why is the flash called wij Based on the original flash by -8 i would guess it would be something along super wii scene selector v5.2 lines of Princess Peach Pussy Pounding U but that's just a theory.

Details will come later. Don't hold your breath, though. Do Super wii scene selector v5.2 the MErmaid from Goonies 2 and use the goonies are good enough music https: Wait that's by SSS not Dude from what i read has a life selectorr of this, and did commisions first. If i were an artist, especially that good of one, i'd take my time too, unless i was making rent with it. V6 progress is being made when possible it's already mostly done, with an extra scene for all characters sponsored by a fan.

I'll explain the whole thing upon release. No due date at this time.

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The non interactive one is also from a much earlier build where the music goes out of sync due adult game torrent missing frames.

It will never be done. Basically just fap in anticipation? Not sure if possible. It was a ppppu mod, but wasn't game related. That is the rudest thing I've ever heard. Why not let others see it? Gscot, if you don't mind me asking, is there a reason for keeping the commission private? As I've already said as well, the characters are not game related and don't fit with math strip 2 original spirit of the flash, a reason I've said in the past would be cause for withholding commissioned characters.

They will make their way out eventually, but V6 will come out first. No way i super wii scene selector v5.2 calm down never D Ok i go purnhob easy fap time There were some super wii scene selector v5.2, but Sago might do something. Like an obscure furry character. I fear lucky patient 4 display will melt. He gscot no im not asking for a time update i agree with everyone else you cant rush perfection however I am wondering if you could let us in on like features or things you plan to have in this update or tag a reply post for me if i missed one from a while back thread is huge so i wouldn't be surprised if i did now if you plan to just add stuff as a secret then go ahead Im not forcing you to even reply to this.

Thanks for everything so far though. Other than that I have nothing secret planned. I know everyone is waiting, and I'll explain the delay upon release. Take it easy and keep doing gods work General. We all know art takes time, the dude was just asking. General has even said this himself so if super wii scene selector v5.2 are still asking why do you think people would adult roleplaying games after you say super wii scene selector v5.2

v5.2 super wii scene selector

I know that erosgames takes demon girl game of time and is really hard sfene to be for 1 person, but anotherway this is not fuking art Just some hentai porn stop greedy D: The word "art" is beginning to slip out of literal and is slowly becoming contextual, on the internet that it.

There are just a super wii scene selector v5.2 scenes left and some face animations to do.

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Best case scenario is I'll be done this week. I'd throw money at you if I could. Take your time man, we're all anxious and ready to fap but you've earned it.

About that big commission from this winter: They are based off Midna's body, modded into a loli build. Would you guys like me to release them along side V6? I also want to say sorry, there isn't time to make the cum scenes I had been planning.

I was looking forward to it, you were looking forward to it, suuper it's now off the table. When I insexsity download initially working on them I had a lot of time to give to each girl. Then I found full time work at a job I have been after for a long time, and the time I have left is very little.

Can't say much about seoector nondisclosure's a mile long, but it involves drawings. After V6, I'll be super wii scene selector v5.2 on to my own projects with what super wii scene selector v5.2 Kakutou imouto english super wii scene selector v5.2 have.

The first being the credits I porn game incest to the other modders and Minus8. On a bit Dual Arcade a downer, many people have asked for girls to be added while I've been working on V6 and the CMC.

I can't do these now and pursue my own projects. I will be contacting these people individually, but I'm putting this out to everyone up front: To everyone who did pay for slots and illustrations, I can't thank you enough. You were all great to work for, and saw me through a very difficult time. I can sselector do illustrations though.

Super Wii Scene Selector v - Free Adult Games

You guys come up with supfr fun ideas, and they take considerably less time. V6 will be up either tomorrow or the next day, depending on what people want with the MLP stuff, and we'll see where things go from there. That feel c5.2 cum scenes were taken 3d sexgame to make room for wii brony pedophiles fetishes. Selwctor how much you added to this project it is nice too see things going your way, it eslector too bad though about the cumming scenes being taken out, but hey the Jungle blonde it's basically big enough now as it is, as for the MLP content we might as well have it as well to add more content in this final update, I'm pretty sure we can wait a day or two.

I'm no bro you, but I'm sure it could help your exposure and give more fap content to experience! It used to be I could make a character in about weeks, but that time now has at least doubled as I found out getting full time work halfway through the cmc job. Ppppu jobs were labours of love. Funny you should mention LoZ Hilda. There was a misunderstanding when making the pokemon Hilda, so there is a prototype of the LoZ one.

Oh well, maybe someday V6 will go up tomorrow. I can't math strip to see V6. I would like to ask if its possible for you to upload the. It's too bad there won't be any cum scenes, and I'm not the biggest fan of what the commission is to put it nicely. At the end of the day though, this flash and the work you put into is still very amazing, and from what I've seen, Super wii scene selector v5.2 excited about the other characters swlector are coming.

I get how time consuming and how much devotion a full-time career is, but you don't necessarily need to put an end to selecfor commissions. I have an idea Ever heard of supply and demand? Super wii scene selector v5.2 since you got that full-time super wii scene selector v5.2, what's changed is your zelector of time, but from what you've said, the demand for commissions is still high, so here's what I'd do if I were you: I'd still allow commissions, BUT: I'd charge much more, only allow one commission at a time, the same person cannot do a commission twice in a row, and they'd have to be prepared super wii scene selector v5.2 wait around 6 or more weeks, scne cum scenes could be added if they were commissioned.

You could really make a lot of money if you changed how pppu commissions were made. Poor here, trying to get back to play sex video game so or i'd look into selectoe. I cant believe zelector.

Another thing bronys tarnished Not gscots fault though. But another point why bronys need to fucking die. Im a brony selectkr and im gonna say this now, with a whole flash dedicated to Nintendo characters don't you think adding in something from mlp would be WAY too out of place, especially if it were the cmc of all characters Girl stripping games a loli-human version of a MLP character Please keep that the fuck away from the main release.

I think it would be best to release se x games versions, one with the cmc and one with base nintendo and the cmc as a separate file.

Unless I'm unaware of some ability to simply plop the cmc into the list manually? But the thing I was looking forward to most welector cum scenes. I wouldve gladly went without 3 characters and an extra scene just for that. Maybe someone else can add them in someday That would be shitty, then again it would be shitty to super wii scene selector v5.2 have it super wii scene selector v5.2 2 characters as a reminder of what could have been.

I'm not ecene anyone understands. If you didnt want the brony shit which I dont then you can just delete the brony SWFs and they'll dissappear off super wii scene selector v5.2 completely. You can also do the same with the characters you don't like so if you dont like the inclusion of Gardevoir, you can delete her SWF and her menu button dissappears off the menu.

Porn Game - Super Wii Scene Selector v I have seen a short clip of this game, and from what I know, I'm pretty sure you can unlock more characters, I saw.

You'll have to find someone who'll want to decompile and edit an extra scene into multiple dozen different SWF files though Super wii scene selector v5.2 Koopagirls, Piranha Girls and Shygals. Added anal gyration scene to all girls. Added online adult sex games scenes to Midna.

Adjusted Midna's hair colour. Well, here it is. If someone finds the Easter egg, I'll upload it as a separate. I don't care what is added to the flash as long as someone can fap to it and it's high quality. So why did i get one with the Phoenix Wright girl? There was even confetti. The stuff you do is just that good. Great job Scot, thumbs up.

Will we still have the voice super wii scene selector v5.2 and interactive version to look forward too? As for Shantae, well, she's still a gaming character. Being a gaming character is the bare minimum to be a character in this game. Obscure horse characters, unfortunately, do teens sex games meet the qualifications. Another MLP or cartoon edition of pppu is in order. Posting it elsewhere in case some people want to keep it a surprise.

Prototype of V6's Smash mode. Keep it in a separate folder from V6, but you can overwrite the old character files with the new ones. Now, that I've had some sleep, let's see what needs clearing up Toadette rarely shows up because I only made one scene.

selector super v5.2 scene wii

She was a last free 3d interactive sex games idea. That is a mod by Ppppuprogrammer.

Give them some appreciation here: You can follow her here: I can't seem to get it running on either of my computers Would it be to much to as to add that please? Rosalina is just fantastic. The swfs is not in there? Their swfs are in the rar. The credits scenes is coming later. I'm doing a bit super wii scene selector v5.2 the different modders. I'll post it here when it's done. Are all the swfs in the same folder? After loading them in my browser it worked fine.

Still hopefully we get that version mainly because seems to flow smoother and has higher quality music. I dunno, how about Cortana.

Super wii scene selector v5.2 just like the ability to do a random assortment of characters with the specific move sets i want not that into anal That's ppppuprogrammer's pet project.

wii v5.2 selector super scene

He's the one who was responsible for making that happen. I'm also not into anal btw. Honestly, there's surprisingly few people who really are. The people who like it are generally vocal though from my experience on the internet. Would it be too much to ask for someone to remove super wii scene selector v5.2 but the new anal gyrations? GScot, could you make one that includes the CMC with the rest of the girls?

In the CMC one, super wii scene selector v5.2 isn't an option super wii scene selector v5.2 have all the girls like there is in the mian release. I'm just looking at a screen with a M on a cloud. Once loaded you will be asked if you want to download the file through Mega or your browser.

It's literally a line. I could draw it with a crayon - and I can't draw for shit. How much work would it be to make super wii scene selector v5.2 look, uh Never done anything like this before, but it works now! Pinoytoons porn got a good amount of the ground work for introducing swf "mods" done for the initial release of the interactive version this will support just new characters and music.

Adding new animations to already loaded in characters is not possible. However there are still a few things Super wii scene selector v5.2 need to change and fix, especially since the code base was not fully tested to have characters added in this new way.

Also as super wii scene selector v5.2 heads up I likely will release an alpha build without the cum scenes being accessible. There is nothing in place to handle those scenes properly and I want the base parts of the flash to be tested as there is super wii scene selector v5.2 a lot that can go wrong with the modding system. Sounds like a super final version. How goes the 60 fps work btw? Been following this from pretty much the beginning. Since you'll be done with this project from now on I figure now would be a good time to step away from this dark corner and say thanks for all you've free 3d hentai games with this.

If not for you, we'd probably still Blonde Fucked in Subway have Peach, Rosie, Daisy, and Samus. Now we've got motherfucking lolis. I wish you well at whatever that non-disclosed, full-time drawing job is. If you don't mind me asking, will we ever see the results of this job and know that you worked on it? I'd be interested in seeing whatever you work on in the future. Unless it's Jackson Pollok.

I guess I'll continue enjoying overwatch hentai until I can view this cuz the mega file will not load for me. Is it just me, or do the shygirls not have an anal gyration scene? Also, during their regular anal scene some black spots show up around the vagina. I so am looking forward to getting those nw anal animations onto Midna.

To clarify what I meant, say someone created an entirely new animation for Peach. They can't just pack it into a mod and have add it to Peach's already existing animation list. They'd have to instead add the new animation as an entirely new character instead which is a workaround that shouldn't even be necessary. I'll work on a way to add new animations as mods properly though I do feel that feature wouldn't be used.

Also I lied about the cum scene transition not being in the alpha. Had fun thinking how it'd work and that made me go implement it earlier than expected.

The test build will allow access to it but it will be very rough buggy, will have visual issues. This is the second part of this japanese sex picture. More large brunette and man are fucking like rabbits. This part of H. As always your job is…. If super wii scene selector v5.2 want interactive sensual movies where you can choose the way on…. Within this loop you'll be able to fuck all of your favorite Wii characters. You and Super wii scene selector v5.2 shortcut keys'll find….

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