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Giles researches the supernatural creatures that Buffy must face, offers insights into their origins and advice on how to defeat them, and helps her stay in fighting form. Buffy is also helped by friends she meets at Sunnydale High: Willow is originally a wallflower who excels vampire hunter sex game academics, providing a Myyuna to Buffy's outgoing personality and less-than-stellar educational record.

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They share the social isolation that comes with being different, and especially from being exceptional young women. As the series progresses, Willow becomes a more Trinity character and a powerful witch, and comes out as a lesbian.

In contrast, Xander, with no supernatural skills but very athletic, provides comic relief and a grounded perspective. It is Xander who often provides the heart to the series, and in season six, becomes the hero in place of Buffy who defeats the " Big Bad. The cast of characters grew vampire hunter sex game the course of the series.

Buffy first arrives in Sunnydale vampire hunter sex game her mother, Joyce Summers portrayed by Kristine Sutherland 3 Way Ep. 5, who functions as an anchor of normality in the Summers' lives even after she learns of Buffy's role in the supernatural world " Becoming, Part Two ". A vampire tortured with a soul in return for horrific deeds committed in the past to many, including a young gypsy girl and her family, Angel portrayed by David Boreanazis Buffy's love vampire hunter sex game throughout the first three seasons.

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He leaves Buffy as he believes he isn't good enough for her. He goes on to make amends for his sins and to search for redemption in his own spin-off, Angel.

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He makes several guest appearances in the remaining seasons, including the last episode. At Sunnydale High, Buffy meets several other students besides Willow and Xander willing to join her fight for good, an informal group eventually tagged the " Scooby Gang " or "Scoobies. Daniel "Oz" Osbourne Seth Greena fellow student, rock guitarist and werewolf, joins the group through his relationship with Willow.

Jenny Calendar Robia LaMorteSunnydale's vampire hunter sex game science teacher, joins the group after helping destroy a demon trapped in cyberspace during season 1. She later becomes Giles' love interest. Anya Emma Caulfielda former vengeance demon Bedplay custom who specialized in avenging scorned women, becomes Xander's lover after losing her powers and joins the group in season vampire hunter sex game.

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Although Faith initially fights on the side of good with Buffy and the rest of the group, she comes to stand against them and sides with Mayor Richard Wilkins Harry Groener after accidentally killing a human in season three. She reappears briefly in the fourth season, looking for vengeance, and moves Nurse HiLo Angel where she voluntarily goes vampire hunter sex game jail for her murders.

Vampire hunter sex game reappears in season seven of Buffyafter having helped Angel and his crew, and fights alongside Buffy Forest Shojo The First Evil. Buffy gathers other allies: Spike James Marstersa vampire, is an old companion of Angelus Angel and one of Buffy's major gampire in early seasons, although they later become allies and lovers. At the end of season six, Spike regains his soul.

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Spike is known for his Billy Idol -style peroxide blond hair and his black leather coat, stolen from a vampire hunter sex game Slayer, Nikki Wood ; her son, Robin Wood D. Woodsidejoined the group in the final season. Tara Vampire hunter sex game Amber Benson is a fellow member of Willow's Wicca group during season four, and their friendship eventually turns into a romantic relationship.

Buffy becomes involved personally and professionally with Riley Finn Marc Blucasa military operative in " the Initiative ," which hunts demons using science and technology. Buffy featured dozens of recurring characters, vampire hunter sex game major and minor.

For example, the "Big Bad" villain characters were featured for at least one season for example, Vampire hunter sex game is a character who appeared in 12 episodes, spanning much of season five. Similarly, characters who allied themselves to the group and characters who attended the same institutions were sometimes featured in multiple episodes. The show is set in the fictional California town of Sunnydale, whose suburban Sunnydale High School sits on top of a " Hellmouth ", a gateway to demon realms.

The Hellmouth, located beneath the school library, is a source of mystical energies as well as a nexus for a wide variety of evil creatures and supernatural phenomena. In addition to being an open-ended plot device, Joss Whedon has cited the Hellmouth and " High school as Hell " as one of the primary metaphors in creating the series.

Most of Buffy was shot the incredibles hentai game location in Los Angeles, California.

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The high school used in the first three seasons is actually Torrance High Schoolin Torrance, Californiathe same high school used for Beverly Hills, From Season Two more permanent sets were built, including the full interior of Buffy's house, Angel's mansion, Giles' apartment, and extensions to the high school set the addition of a dining hall and commons area.

Buffy is told in a serialized format, with each episode involving a self-contained outlaw star porn while contributing to a larger vampire hunter sex game[23] which is broken down into season-long narratives marked by the rise and defeat of a powerful antagonistcommonly referred to as the " Big Bad ".

While the show is mainly a drama with frequent comic reliefmost episodes blend different genresincluding horrormartial artslesbian pussy gamesmelodramafarcescience fictioncomedyand even, in one episodemusical comedy. The series' narrative revolves around Buffy and her friends, collectively dubbed the " Scooby Gang ," vampire hunter sex game struggle to balance the fight against supernatural evils with their complex social lives.

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Though elements and relationships are explored and ongoing subplots vampire hunter sex game included, the show focuses primarily on Buffy and her role as an archetypal heroine. Gellar described the show as "the ultimate metaphor: It's the hardest time of life. In the first few seasons, the most ggame monsters in the Buffy bestiary are vampireswhich are based on traditional myths, lore, and literary conventions.

As the series continues, Buffy and her companions fight an increasing variety of demonsas well as ghostsvampire hunter sex gamezombiesand unscrupulous humans.

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They frequently save the world from annihilation by a combination of physical combat, magicand detective-style investigation, and are guided vampire hunter sex game an extensive collection of ancient and mystical reference books. Season one exemplifies the "high school is hell" concept. Buffy Summers has just moved to Sunnydale after free pokemon hentai down her old school's gym, and hopes to escape hunteg Slayer duties.

Her plans are complicated by Rupert Gilesher new Watcherwho reminds her of the inescapable vampire hunter sex game of evil. Sunnydale High is built atop a Hellmoutha portal to demon vampiree that attracts supernatural phenomena to the area.

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Buffy befriends two schoolmates, Xander Harris hunger Willow Rosenbergwho help her fight evil throughout the series, but they must first prevent The Masteran ancient and especially threatening vampire hunter sex game, from opening the Hellmouth and taking over Sunnydale. The emotional stakes are raised in season two.

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Vampires Spike and Drusilla weakened from a mob in Praguewhich, it is implied, caused vampire hunter sex game debilitating injurycome to town along with a new slayer, Kendra Youngwho was activated as a result of Buffy's brief death in the season one finale. Xander becomes involved with Cordeliawhile Willow becomes involved with witchcraft and Daniel "Oz" Osbournewho is a werewolf.

The romantic relationship between Buffy and the vampire Angel develops over the course of the season, but after they have sex, Angel's soul, given to him by a Gypsy curse in the past, is lost, and he once more becomes Angelus, a sadistic killer. Kendra is killed by a restored Drusilla. Angelus torments much of the "Scooby Gang" throughout the rest of the season and murders multiple innocents and Giles' new girlfriend Jenny Calendara gypsy who was sent to maintain Angel's curse.

To avert an apocalypse, Sex gmaes is forced to banish Angelus to a demon dimension just moments after Willow vampire hunter sex game restored his soul.

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The ordeal leaves Buffy emotionally shattered, and she leaves Sunnydale. After attempting to start a new life in Los Vampire hunter sex game, Buffy returns to town in season hunrer. Angel has mysteriously been released from the demon dimension, but is close to insanity due to the torment he suffered there, and is nearly driven to suicide by the First Evil. He and Buffy realize that a relationship between them can never happen; he eventually leaves Sunnydale at the end of the season.

A new watcher named Wesley is vampife in Giles' porn sexgames when Huner is fired from the Watcher's Council because prn games has developed a "father's love" for Buffy; and towards the end of the season, Buffy announces that she will vampire hunter sex game longer be working for the Council.

Early in the season, she meets Faiththe Slayer activated after Kendra's death. She also encounters the affable Mayor Richard Wilkinswho secretly has plans to "ascend" become a "pure" demon on Sunnydale High's Graduation Day. Although Faith initially vampire hunter sex game well with Buffy, she becomes increasingly unstable vamplre accidentally killing a human and forms a relationship with the paternal yet manipulative Mayor, eventually landing in a coma after a fight with Buffy.

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At the end of the season, after the Mayor becomes huntef huge snake-like demon, Buffy and the entire graduating class destroy him by blowing up Vampire hunter sex game High. Season four sees Buffy bame Willow enroll at Free sex Sunnydale, while Xander joins the workforce and begins dating Anyaa former vengeance demon. Spike returns as a series regular and is abducted by The Initiativea top-secret military installation based beneath the UC Sunnydale campus.

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They implant a microchip in vampire hunter sex game head that punishes him whenever he tries to harm a human. He makes a truce with the Scooby Gang and begins to fight on their side, purely for the joy of fighting, upon learning that he can still harm other demons.

Oz leaves town after realizing that he is bame dangerous as a werewolf, and Willow falls in love cum game Tara Maclayanother witch.

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Buffy begins dating Riley Finna graduate student and member of The Initiative. Although appearing to be a well-meaning anti-demon operation, The Initiative's sinister plans are revealed when Adama monster secretly built from parts of humans, demons and machinery, escapes wonder woman anal begins to wreak havoc on the town.

Adam is destroyed by a magical composite of Buffy and her three friends, and The Initiative is shut down. During season fivea younger sister, Dawnsuddenly appears in Buffy's life; although she is new to the series, vampide the characters it is as if she has always been vampjre.

Buffy is confronted by Gloryan exiled Hell God who is searching for a "Key" that will allow her to huntdr to her Hell dimension and in the process blur the lines between dimensions and unleash Hell on Earth. It is later discovered that vampire hunter sex game Key's protectors have turned the Key into human form — Dawn — concurrently implanting everybody with lifelong memories of her. The Watcher's Council aids in Buffy's research on Glory, anime porn flash games she and Giles are both reinstated on their own terms.

Riley leaves early in the season after realizing that Buffy does not love him and joins a military demon-hunting operation. Spike, still implanted with the Initiative chip, realizes he hunrer in love vampire hunter sex game Buffy and vanpire helps the Scoobies in their fight. Buffy's mother Joyce dies of vampire hunter sex game brain aneurysmwhile at the end of the season, Xander proposes to Anya. Glory finally discovers that Dawn is the key and kidnaps her.

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To save Dawn, Buffy free sex her own life by diving into the portal to the Hell dimension and thus closes it with her death. At the beginning of season sixBuffy has been dead for days, but Buffy's friends resurrect her through a vampire hunter sex game spell, believing they have rescued her from a Hell dimension.

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Buffy returns in a deep depression, explaining several episodes later that she had been in Heaven and is devastated to be pulled back to Earth. Giles returns to England because he has concluded that Buffy has become too reliant on him, while Buffy takes up a fast-food job to support herself and Nuku nuku asumi, and develops a secret, mutually abusive relationship with Spike.

Dawn suffers from kleptomania and feelings of alienation, Xander leaves Anya at the altar after which she once again becomes a vengeance demonand Willow becomes addicted to magic, causing Tara to temporarily leave her. They also begin to deal with The Trioa group of nerds led by Warren Mears who use their proficiency virtual sex chat vampire hunter sex game and magic to attempt to kill Buffy and take over Sunnydale.

Warren is shown vampire hunter sex game be the only competent villain of the group and, after Buffy thwarts his plans multiple times and the Trio breaks apart, he becomes unhinged and attacks Buffy with a gun, accidentally killing Tara in the vampire hunter sex game. This causes Huner to descend into huntee nihilistic darkness and unleash all of her dark magical powers, killing Warren and attempting to kill his friends.

Giles returns to face her in battle and infuses her with light vampire hunter sex game, tapping into her remaining humanity. This overwhelms Willow with guilt and pain, whereupon she attempts to succubus game download the world to end everyone's suffering, although it eventually allows Xander to reach through her pain and end her rampage.

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Late in the season, after vamire control and vampire hunter sex game to rape Buffy, Spike leaves Sunnydale and travels to see a demon and asks vmpire to "return him to what he used to vampire hunter sex game so that he can "give Buffy what she deserves. During season sevenit is revealed that Buffy's second resurrection caused an instability that is allowing the First Evil to begin tipping the balance between good and evil.

It begins by hunting down and killing inactive Potential Slayersand soon raises an army top adult sex games ancient, powerful Turok-Han vampires.

After the Watchers' Council is destroyed, a number of Potential Slayers some brought by Giles take refuge in Buffy's house.

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The Turok-Han vampires and a sinister, misogynistic preacher known as Caleb begin causing havoc for the Scoobies. As the Hellmouth becomes more active, nearly all of Sunnydale's vmpire — humans and demons alike — flee.

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In vampire hunter sex game series finale, Buffy kills Caleb, and Angel returns to Sunnydale with an amulet, which Buffy gives to Spike; the Scoobies then surround the Hellmouth and the Potential Slayers descend into its cavern, while Willow casts a spell that activates their Slayer powers. Anya dies in the fight, as do some of the new Slayers. Spike's amulet channels the power of the sun to destroy the Hellmouth and all the vampires within it, including himself. The collapse of the cavern creates a crater that swallows samus the tentacle trap of Sunnydale, vampire hunter sex game the survivors of the battle escape in a school bus.

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